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We are an IT company based in Markham, Ontario specialized in Mac and PC computer Repair, Remote Assistance & Maintenance Service .

Our Professionals are certified to work on different computer brands and are committed to keeping your business up and running 24 hours 7 days a week.

  • Mac Out of Warranty Repairs

    Liquid Damaged, Logicboard repair, LCD Replacement, Keyboard Replacement, Dead, Broken, Folder with “?”, Not Booting, RAM Upgrade, SSD Upgrade and much more

  • PC, Desktop and Laptop Repairs

    Motherboard Repair, DC jack replacement, virus removal, Speedup, Windows 10 WiFi issues

  • Operational System and Software Issues

    OS Restore, OS Upgrade, Backup, Data Migration

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  • Cellphone and iPad Repairs

    iPhone LCD Repair, unlocking, Battery replacement, iPad screen replacement

  • Networking

    We provide Network installations for Home and Office environments

  • CCTV Installation

    We provide camera installation for your Home and your Office

Remote Support

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We can fix your problems remotely.

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Pay for the Remote Assistance Service Fee via e-transfer or Visa

Once payment is confirmed our Technical Support will create a Ticket for you.


Get your Problem Solved

Once you have a ticket one of our Professionals will access your Computer and help you with your issue in order to get you up and running in no time.

If our Technical Support is unable to sort out the problem remotely then whatever amount paid will be deducted from the maintenance cost that will be carried out OnSite or at our Store depending on each case.

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Monthly Plans for Business and Personal Customers

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  • 24/7 Support

    Optional 24/7 Support for clients who might need assistance at any time.

  • Back-Up

    Set up and review your backup routine

  • Preventive Assistance

    Make your devices and structure last longer

  • Anti-Virus Inspection

    Your work will flow way better in a Malware & Virus free environment.

  • Top Priority

    VIP Clients are the Top Priority in our day-to-day work.

  • Save Money

    Save up to 35% on your annual maintenance cost by getting into our Monthly Plans.

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Clients & Testimonials

We are both proud and grateful for having built a considerable list of Satisfied Clients.
We hope to help you in the best way possible.

  • I live in Toronto, and the drive was worth it. I run a sophisticated piece of software through a virtual machine on an old Mac and Kudzai was able to save it in a timely fashion, at a very fair price. Will be making the trip for all future repairs. Thanks!

    T. Janeen
  • Awesome, fast job on fixing my Z10 screen…thanks for the quick turnaround time! Heres hoping the old Torch hard-drive is salvedgable…

  • At friend and I were both having laptop problems, so we went to Mac and PC repair since she just lives around the corner. Dropped them both odd around noon and they were fixed by 5. Kudzai and his team did a great job at a very reasonable price. Thanks Kudzai!

  • I received exceptional service from Kudzai Kashiri when my laptop had a major crash. It was in the middle of covering Pan Am Games events and my laptop was essential. I dropped it off mid afternoon to Mac & PC Repair Depot. Kudzai had it fixed and running by early evening. He stayed open well past normal closing time in order for me to pick up the repaired laptop. Thank you Kudzai !

  • I was happy with the service Kudzai provided. I spilled a smoothie on my MacBook Pro and he was able to bring it back to life by replacing a few parts on the motherboard. I think the price was reasonable – $325 and it saved me from having to buy a new laptop. The wait to get it back was a bit long because he had to order in the parts, but overall I was pleased with the experience and I would recommend Mac & PC Repair.

  • Kudzai….Your DMAN,,,Visiting from P.E.I I dropped my ipad on the floor. Couldn’t get it to turn back on…Grrrrrrr….My girlfriend suggested Mac and P.C repair. Him and his team had it fixed in 3 hours…Amazing! Thank You so much Kudzai, my husband didn’t even know I had broke it…hahaha

  • Standing in line at the genius bar was so painful. I thought that there must be a better way to fix my macbook pro. Then I heard of these guys on Main Street who were doing a better job for the same price or less. My experience with them was great and they quickly were able to save the day.
    Thanks Kudzai and team for the help. You are my new go-to Mac guys!!

    Steve M.

    Steve Maynard
  • Kudzai and his team at Mac&PC are truly a set of geniuses. They have resurrected my old HP Pavilion many times, as well as many other appliances and gadgets. Awesome, friendly, customer service and reasonable prices. Keep up the good work guys!!

  • So how do you take a MacbookPro A1229 paper weight and have it turn back into a paper making fully functional and all you can handle get it done machine??? You take it to Kudzai and let him do what he does best which is….take assess, inform, fix to amaze and then repeat for future and potential customers! If you have any issue with your Mac I urge you not to throw in the towel until you’ve had this computer specialists look at it! Thanks Kudzai for all your help and assistance you will have my business for all my computer issues due to your honesty, willingness to go out of your way to help, advice, knowledge and prices.

  • As a follow up to my comment Tuesday, 4th February 2014 at 12:02 am below, my Mac continues to perform flawlessly since Kudzai’s repair – and it’s been dropped several time so that speaks volumes to the quality of his work!

    Additionally a month later my daughter broke her PC laptop screen. Kudzai and crew had it fixed same day for a reasonable cost. My sis called me today about a problem with her Mac, so I thought of Kudzai and will send her to his shop.

    Happy New Year All

  • MAC & PC is a hidden gem well worth the drive to Markham.

    Initially I was concerned with what I expected for pricing in downtown Markham but the service was as unbelievable as the price. Kudzai is very personable and knowledgeable and accommodating. True to the website advertisement, he did his free quotes while I waited, was honest about what needed to be done and repaired my daughter’s MAC in two hours at a price I couldn’t get locally and much quicker turnaround time. Locally, they would have put it in a repair lineup and charged me to look at my PC and MAC when they got around to it.

    I am definitely recommending this place for excellent service and pricing. It’s well worth the drive to Markham, you won’t be sorry!

    Carol Pearce Meijerink
  • When my G5 wouldn’t start (just when a large project was coming in the door) I was panicking until I found Mac & PC!
    These guys are truly awesome… had me up and running the next day. The logic board was fried but they assembled a
    replacement machine using parts from my machine and parts they had in their shop. Not just that but the price was very very good! I can not thank them enough… highly recommend Kadzai and crew! 🙂
    cheers, Bern Prost

    Bernie Prost
  • Kudzai is the best!

    I have an older Mac (2006) but I love it. It’s so sturdy and reliable. Anyway, every time I think I’m going to upgrade I decide against it and PC/Mac Repair Depot does a great job of making it brand new again!

    Thanks again Kudzai. Punctual, effective, and affordable!


  • Kudzai tackled my 2011 Macbook Pro GPU failure with ease. Charged me $350 for the repair(reball service using the same chip), and although it is higher than what most people are quoting on the Apple forums/Facebook group for similar repairs, there are so few BGA repair specialists here in Toronto. Not to mention most of them have a long list of complaints and high failure rates. It has been a month and a half since the repair and I have been using my macbook extensively and shutting down each night to stress test the GPU and perform as many heatup/cooldown cycles as I can within the 3 month warranty he has provided me. If this computer is going to break down it’s going to do it in 3 months haha. So far it is holding up nicely. For more info on the GPU problems regarding the 2011 model please see the facebook group: I will be keeping everyone updated on the status of my newly repaired GPU.

    Also if you’re going to get this repair done, I highly recommend you inquire about getting your thermal paste reapplied as well. Apple’s production team in China did a horrible job in applying the paste. You can check out the photos on the facebook page, many of us have already posted them.

    Overall great service and will definitely come back. Thanks again, Kudzai!

    Myles L
  • I contacted Kudzai and brought in my Mac for service on a Saturday morning. It was black-screened and no amount of tips on MacRumors or any other boards could fix the issue. I was hesitant to take it into one of the few Apple Stores as I figured out that it would necessitate a motherboard replacement that would cost more than the MacBook was worth.

    Kudzai called later that day and said it was fixable but not cheap. The price he quoted was much less than a MB replacement and sounded reasonable so I agreed. I actually got it back the same day and is has worked flawlessly since then and is guaranteed for 3 months.

    Thank you Kudzai for bailing me out of a bad situation! I’m now a loyal customer and recommend him highly!

  • I recently contacted Kudzai after dropping my iPad and having the screen crack. He directed me to his place of business on Markham Main St., advising me it would cost $100.00 to repair and it could be done in two to three hours. I dropped it off at 2:45pm and received a call from Kudzai at 3:45pm advising me I could pick it up, it was ready to go. I found Kudzai to be very polite, courteous and professional and would heartily recommend his services to anyone in a panic over a broken screen on their iPad. Fast, efficient and accurate estimates

  • Kudzai and his team are lifesavers ! I’ve honestly been to many repair shops to have my macbook keyboard replaced, and I’ve been told it was irreplaceable because of “internal damage”, but Kudazai’s team had no problem fixing the issue. I’ve recently had another issue with the hard drive and had to replace it, but since I’m a student, I couldn’t financially afford it and time was important. Kudzai gave me an amazing deal and fixed it the same day! So grateful to have his store near my house, knowing my luck with technology. Thank you for the amazing service.

  • Kudzai was extremely kind enough to help me tackle my problem with my 2013 MBP. After a long and stressful visit to the apple store to find out my laptop needs repairs and would be unable to get some extremely important information, I resorted to Kudzai, and some clever think, got my MBP temporary up and running to allow me to download my information! Even going past his work hours to kindly wait for my drive to finishing copying the data I require I can not thank him enough. Kudzai takes the time to look into your issues and not trying to up sell you something you don’t need. Time is money and the time he goes to restoring ones memories off a dead computer or hdd can’t say enough! Thank you very much for your time today!

    David Ng
  • Mac & PC was recommended to me when my Macbook would not start, Kudzai repaired it over the weekend without having to replace with a new chip and at a fraction of the cost. Kudzai is honest, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I will now recommend this store to everyone and will continue to bring my computers here for repairs.

  • Kudzai was a pleasure to deal with. He stayed late on wknd to make sure we had our ipad fixed when we needed it. The price was better than we found anywhere else. We will definitely return and tell our friends to come for great service, prices and technical help. Thanks so much. J.Flemming

    J Flemming
  • Kudzai is a technician magician.
    I called him at 11 at night and he answered his phone without hesitation. I explained how I accidentally damaged my 17″ Macbook Pro screen and that I needed my laptop to present to a client the next day. His shop usually opens at 11am but he went out of his way to meet me at 9am knowing my urgency. He was honest and explained that 17″ Macbook Pro replacement screens are very difficult to come by now a days and that it could possibly take up to a week.
    He was determined and called all around. Sure enough he calls me a little after noon and tells me he’s located one. He quickly picked up the screen and told me to swing by his shop in 40 minutes! By the time I arrived he had it all installed and even cleaned my Macbook as the fans were really dirty. Kudzai went above and beyond to help me in my situation. He’s easy going, listens and honest. I’ll be recommending him to all my tech and graphic buddies that are looking to find a reputable technician. Thanks dude!

    Richard Ople
  • Great service! Worth the trip to Markham. Free diagnosis and delivery, the price works around your budget, and its a fast fix, if anyone has a problem with their laptop this is the place to go.Kudzai you are amazing!

    Lorne Carmichael
  • Kudzai and his team are absolutely amazing. A water bottle opened in my bag and my Macbook Pro went for a swim. Three tech “experts” in both New York and Toronto told me it wasn’t worth fixing, it would cost as much as buying myself a new computer. I had given up when a friend told me about Kudzai who had brought her computer back to life twice already. He had a look at the damage, called me with a quote which was one-third as much as everyone else said, and had the computer ready for me to pick up by the next day with a six month warranty on the work. WOW! So grateful. Honest, excellent service. I can’t recommend Kudzai and his team more enthusiastically!

  • I found out my HD had crashed early Friday morning so I quickly drove over to Mac and PC Repair Depot and was able to get my computer back within a few hours later. I had mention that I was a photographer and my computer was essential for photo editing. I could not disappoint my clients. Needless to say, Mac and PC Repair Depot did not disappoint me. I was extremely satisfied with their products and services in respect to my budget and what I needed.

    Should I have computer problems in the future, I would not hesitate to come back or refer a friend here! 🙂

    David W
  • My hard drive crashed so they were able to replace it within a few hours. They give you a variety of options for replacements of varied prices. Excellent, friendly customer service and I’ll be back again if any issues arise.

  • Amazing service, My laptop stopped working all of a sudden and I went to future shop for repair. They not only charged me for the diagnostic but couldn’t even fix it properly.
    Mac and Pc are amazing with the service, they dont charge you any unnecessary money and they fixed it in no time.
    I am just really thankful to these people.
    I think they could fix anything 🙂

    Tanya Virk
  • This place came highly recommended to us and we will continue to share the recommendation forward. Fast service and great prices – we will definitely go there first from now on!

    Debbie and Ernie
  • Exceptional service! First brought in my macbook to the apple store and was quoted a price of $320.00 to fix my screen display problem, then was referred by a friend to visit Mac and PC and was able to get my screen display fixed not only for $150.00 but also within an hour! Definitely will be telling everyone to come here for all electronic problems! Thank you Kudzai!

  • Highly recommend this place and will definitely refer my friends. I dropped off my MacBook on Saturday and received a quote on Sunday morning. As a student, the quote was a bit out of my budget but they were very flexible and understanding and tried other solutions to adjust to my budget. I received a call back a couple hours later with a lower quote. Great repair service and very trustworthy and honest. Thank you so much !

  • Originally brought my wife’s Toshiba Portege laptop to Best Buy (an authorized Toshiba repair center and place of purchase) for a dead black LCD screen. The Geek Squad rep was not very helpful and stated the repair costs would amount to more than a new laptop. He quickly then took us to the Sales Rep on the floor for a sales pitch.
    I found “Mac and PC” Kudzai on Kijiji. His website had lots of positive feedback so we went to check him out. We are so glad we found him. He replaced the dead LCD in a few hours for a fraction of the overbloated quote from Best Buy. All they wanted was for our repair to go away so they could just sell us a new computer. They do not care for customer satisfaction only for the money. Kudzai cares about helping the customer first.
    We will definitely go back and also tell our friends about him. Kudos to Kudzai!

  • Our family has been going to Kudzai for our computer repairs and purchases for the last few years. We are very happy with the great service. My husband was very sick lately and Kudzai even came to our house to pick the computer up and brought it back when the work was completed!!!

  • Awesome service. When others said no or else they wanted a ridiculous amount of money to retrieve data from my
    malfunctioning USB flash drive, Kudzai came to the rescue. Sincere thanks! I will certainly return again and tell my friends of this wonderful repair transaction. Kudzai = Happy ending….happy customer!

  • Took my Macbook Pro 2012 model with beer damage to apple and they priced the repair over $900 , Kudzai was able to fix it within 2 days for less than half the price apple quoted. This guy is amazing. Will recommend anyone with Mac problems to check him out. Free estimates too.

    Ryan Cowlder
  • My iMac needed an internal hard drive upgrade. I contacted Kudzai who was able to obtain a faster hard drive and do a replacement and data transfer from my old drive within less than 24-hours. I took my iMac into their store at 5:30pm and picked up my computer the next day at 2pm; he even upgraded my OS system. Everything was ready when I arrived and I’m happy to say that I have found a reliable and trustworthy computer technician. Thank you Kudzai! You have another loyal customer.

    Ann Elise
  • Kudzai was amazing. I spilled beer all over my computer and he replaced my keyboard and cleaned the logic board. My Mac is the Macbook so he literally had to rip out the keyboard, which would have taken hours and he charged me close to nothing. Thanks again so much Kudzai, I would be so sad if I lost my computer.

  • A few months ago I brought my MacPro in to a Apple store to diagnose why the screen had suddenly turned black. They told me the screen was damaged and would need to be replaced for a hefty price. I took my laptop in to Mac & PC repair depot. Kudzai was very kind, welcoming and knowledgeable He fixed it within a few hours for a fraction of the cost!! Amazing! I’m so happy to have my laptop back…thank you so much. I have told all my family and friends about your company and will continue to spread the word. Thanks!

  • A friend referred me to Mac and PC. The service was fast and excellent and the price was good. I would definitely recommend Mac and PC.


  • Kudzai diagnosed my computer problem on the spot and had it ready the same day. Great job! I know exactly who to see when I need my computer serviced.

  • I can’t thank you enough. You went over and beyond and I appreciate it so much. Definetly a service I would reccommend to others.

  • You are a very capable person!

    Franklyn Packham
  • Extremely knowledgeable and very efficient! Fixed my macbook in no time. Will return for any other computer/iphone issues in future. Thanks

    Aprile W
  • I took my mac here when the logic board had an issue…the service was fast, friendly and reasonable. I plan on going back for my next repair…

  • Kudzai I can’t thank you enough.
    I thought this computer had had it’s day and was irreparable… at least that is what I was told by another repair facility.
    You proved them wrong I am thrilled to report.
    I would and will recommend you to anyone that has an ailing computer that they would like to rejuvenate.

    Thanks again, Michael

    michael crabtree
  • I like this site because so much useful stuff on here : D.

    Sha Holste
  • I was 100% satisfied by the service, price and personal touch. I would highly recommend this company to everyone!
    Thank you

  • I took my HP Pavillion laptop into Kudzai today, he repaired it in less than half a day, I was very happy with his attitude and knowledge and customer care. The price was not bad either, I will recommend him to my friends. I’m glad that there is someone in the area that we can depend on if we have a problem with our laptops

  • My water bottle popped open in my bag and spilled all of it into my 1st gen Macbook Air. I thought it was done and need to go get a new Air. Screen brightness was dead and the Wi-Fi too. But then I found Kudzai! Brought it to him the following day (10/5) and it was all fixed the next day (10/6) My Air is all well! Thank you!!

    Kevin Ng
  • I am a university student and my laptop is the most important thing to me. Kudzai was friendly, extremely helpful, and price was very reasonable. The BEST part was to be, being able to get my laptop back in a timely fashion was the most important thing being a student. He was able to identify the problem quickly and fixed it within no time.


    Wherever you are, its worth the drive. Can’t do much without your computer anyways and Kudzai makes sure you’re back on track.

  • Kudzai has done a phenomenal job yet again for me! In addition to fixing my dead laptop that even the manufacturer couldn’t fix, and fixing my MacBook screen after someone else tampered with the inside, he has now successfully fixed my mother’s laptop a well. It was smoking and he screen kept flickering, but Kudzai identified the problem very quickly and accurately, and did a fully professional repair. VERY highly recommended if you want fairly priced, fast, and professional service!

    Josh Braudy
  • Kudzai did a phenomenal job fixing a broken MacBook screen configuration (screen, screen power supply, screen connection pins) and a completely dead Acer for me. I sent it in for warranty with Acer and they basically told me where to go and said they couldn’t fix it. By looking one step further, Kudzai discovered the problem and fixed it in a timely manner. Bottom line: this is a conveniently located, fairly priced, and trustworthy repair shop. Glad to do business with them and I will be recommending this place to everyone I know!

    Josh Braudy
  • Two nights ago, I went from adding album covers onto my iTunes to somehow deleting the most important file on my MacBook Pro: my Budget Sheet. That file was my financial bible so when I realized it was no longer there, I literally went numb.

    My boyfriend suggested we take it over to Mac and PC as the office is located in our neighborhood. Kudzai was very friendly, patient and understanding of my situation. He knew exactly what to do and did not stop scanning until the precise file I was looking for was found and recovered. I cannot begin to explain how thankful and ecstatic I am because I could not imagine re-constructing another Budget Sheet of that caliber from scratch.

    I’m hoping never to repeat this unfortunate incident again but should anything else go wrong with my MacBook, I know exactly who/where to bring it to.

    Fantastic service. Supremely happy!

    Thank you so much once again, Kudzai!

  • Kudzai did a wonderful job resurrecting my wife’s dead MacBook and at a price far less than half of what we were quoted by the University of Toronto’s computer shop. It is easily worth the drive to nosebleed country for this kind of service. I will be recommending his shop to all I can.

    Eugene Gryski
  • Came in to get my keyboard fixed, very fast and excellent service. I would recommend this store to everyone, great service, friendly and did an amazing job !!!

    Sean Beaver
  • Great job fixing my computer! It was slow as molasses until I took it to the mac and pc repair shop on Bur Oak! The Apple store wouldn’t touch it because I was running bootcamp and windows. I wasted so much time with them, until I found this website on google. Thanks so much!

  • Great service. My laptop had completely died and he was able to recover everything for me. Fairly priced and great service. Thanks again for everything

  • One day my macbook pro just stopped working. I took it to the ‘genius bar’ at the apple store in the Eaton Center and they told me that the repair costs would easily be over $1000, likely requiring a motherboard replacement. I certainly wasn’t prepared to spend that, but I did purchase $2700 on this laptop less than 3 years ago… I popped into the Mac and PC Repair Depot and got a free estimate within hours. It turns out it was an issue with the motherboard, but rather than paying for an entirely new one, the guys at Mac&PC RD just fixed the old one at the price they originally quoted: $350. Thanks guys, another happy customer! It seems those at the apple ‘genius bar’ aren’t so smart after all :)

  • Kudzai was very helpful. He quoted me a price that was well below what the University of Toronto computer shop wanted to fix my MacBook. I had a water-damaged logicboard in my computer and this would have been very expensive, but Kudzai gave me a better price. Definitely recommended AAAAA++++.

  • Unreal service. Dropped off a laptop at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon and had it back in my hands by 5. Was ready to scrap my laptop after talking to bestbuy and futreshop with getting quotes over $300 not to mention you had to pay for an assessment. Paid less than half the quotes and completed service in only hours. Thanks for the great service.

  • I was ready to scrap my Dell Inspiron 1500 laptop after I had spilled a beverage on it. A friend recommended I try your repair services, and you did a sterling job. My favorite toy is back on by lap and working like a charm. Keep up the great work! I will definitely recommend you to whoever needs help with their computers.

  • Great upgrade to my wife’s Macbook – great price, turnaround time was quick and Kudzai was both customer- focussed, friendly and professional

    Bill Smith

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